Tuesday, 10 December 2013

South African Freelancing Just Got Better

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South African Freelancing is growing in Bounds and Leaps

The reason i am here today writing this blog to you is to make you aware of the changes that are happening in The South African Freelancing Landscape.

There's something we should all agree on when it comes to freelancing. its hard work, yes it is hardwork.
Especially if you have to work alone. which is what most freelancers who are starting out more often does, they start alone most often in their own homes.

Well this situation is about to change at least in South Africa, and the reason is Blue IT Marketing Freelance Teams. Well to put it simply is that blue it marketing Assists South African Freelancers to work together in teams and therefore learn from each other and also tackle more difficult projects.

Well if you think you are ready to work as a professional once again then join the rest of us and start working on serious projects.