Friday, 31 January 2014

SEO Strategy that works

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SEO Strategy that Works

If you needed SEO services the most obvious solution will be to go out and pay a company that promises you tons and tons of Back-links in PR websites.

Well that approach won't exactly give you the results you are hoping for. because if you are targeting a specific market in your industry then amassing tons of back-links with non-specific anchor texts won't really you help you at all. The reason being that your website will be rated for the wrong keywords.

And sometimes your website can even be Black-Listed meaning that you will find it hard to even rate well for the right keyword, in the near future.

Justice Ndou's SEO Strategy

My strategy works because it is organic and based on publicly available services in the web. what's more is that i also base the whole thing on articles that i myself write on different topics based on the keywords.

So basically what i am saying is this say i want to rate better for A Specific Keyword, first i write articles on that keyword second i then create a page optimized for that keyword in my website and make sure that all the articles that i am writing links back to the page on my website and the page on my website links to those articles on the web and some of the most important pages on my website.

This will create a kind of a link structure that is guaranteed to be found by Google, and then my website will continue to rate better for such a keyword for as long as i continue to right articles and posting them on the web on such a topic which is based on my keyword.

This strategy depends on the webmaster for success, and the webmaster has to realize that there are no shortcuts and you cannot Spin Articles and expect the same results as someone who creates useful and original articles to post on the internet.

My SEO Strategy Always Works and its Meant for everyone.

This strategy can be used by anyone who owns a website and has enough time to invest on the success of his website. you need not pay anyone to make this strategy work for you. infect in this article i am implementing the same strategy that i am talking about for a specific key word. 
And you must know something if i myself can use the strategy that i am describing its a vote of confidence. and to let you in on a secret i never bought any back-links from anyone in my life. and i will never buy them.