Saturday, 1 February 2014

Blue IT Marketing

Blue IT Marketing

The website for blue it marketing has been relocated to as of today.
So anyone who is looking for Our company website can find it in the New Blue IT Marketing Website

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We apologize for any inconvenience that might have been caused by our main website going offline. and in the same spirit we would like to tell you that we will continue to do anything in our power to make sure that it never happen again.

The Future of Blue IT Marketing

Blue IT Marketing will continue to provide Freelance Jobs and Freelance Solutions to South Africans as it used to do for the near future, however we are also going to introduce the following services in our Company in order to enable our freelancers and customers to be able to work with us easier and get more out of our company. and we are doing this simply because we can do it.

The services to be introduced are as follows:

  1. Point Of Sale Systems

    We are going to provide and install Point of Sale Systems in the South African Market in the near future. Our Point of sale systems will be based on Open Source Software only and therefore will be cheaper than most systems already on the market today. We will build the systems from scratch to make sure that they cheaper and affordable to our target market.
    We will also allow our freelancers to sell this services to their customers all over South Africa and able to earn an income, by providing installations and backend support.

  2. Fleet Management Systems

    The systems will be installed to fleets all over South Africa for management purposes our fleet management system allows users to Track, Mobilize, Manage Fuel Consumption, Schedule Services and Maintenance of the Fleet. our systems are based on robust and trusted systems being used by Russia, France, India, Brazil and many more countries.
    We will work with our freelancers to implement this systems nationwide.

Freelancing Websites

Hire Me

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Easy Website Hosting

Freelancing Websites

for information on The most useful freelancing websites in the world please make use of this website, and find out all you can about those websites.

Freelancing as an industry is at a stage where its growing in bounds and it stands to benefit the third world as much as the developed countries. and the reason is because of the websites that offer services to freelancers from all over the world and also serve as a one stop market place for freelancers from all over the world.

These websites makes sure that freelancers compete to offer the best services and also at the most affordable prices to their customers.

Working as a Freelancer

The freelancing website mentioned above allows you as a freelancer to work 24 hours 7 days a week and get paid through PayPal and other means. So if you think you need to start working as a freelancer follow the links on this page and get to know more about the industry and also find a decent website where can obtain projects from. or choose the one i Recommend here.

Creating a freelance Portfolio

If you need to succeed in the world of freelancing you need a strong and convincing portfolio for the services that you will be rendering for your customers. Some customers need only the best services so they are going to even need samples of your work before they can appoint you as a service provider, so be very serious about creating a convincing freelance portfolio.