Saturday, 29 March 2014

South African Freelance

South Africans must Embrace Online Freelancing

Taking a quick survey in any freelancing website today will tell you one thing Africans and South Africans are not contributing to their fullest capacity in this industry. And this can only workout badly for the continent, the reason being by not taking part in a major world economical industry with a capacity to change the way business is conducted forever, we will be left behind again and we will find ourselves playing catchup.

The Online freelance industry as a whole is not very old infect it is not even ten year old today, and yet the major companies driving the industry today e.g. are making waves in the economic landscape. And this is due to the fact that the online freelancing industry absorbs all the experts who are not employed and all those who can do with a little bit of extra income, and the other fact that companies worldwide including South African and African companies are starting to see and like the benefits of working with freelancers compared to full time staff, and therefore they are more and more dependent on the freelance community for their day to day operations and even on market research, product and service research up until the actual implementations of the findings.

The contributing factor that’s pushing the rest of the economic landscape to follow the freelance industry is the cost benefits on the day to day operations of the company and also access to a skill base otherwise rare in some countries.

If South Africa continues to play on the side lines of this industry then the outcome isn’t going to be good for everyone including those permanently employed as they can end up losing their jobs, as their companies are losing their competitive edge over international competitors who are embracing the freelancing industry at its best and reaping the benefits.

The South African government must also do its part to support the freelancing industry as it will mean much more benefits for them, the industry promises to solve some of the government’s long lasting problems including the one of unemployment, lack of skills in important government structures. And this could be the answer they were looking for.

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