Friday, 11 April 2014

The ABC of Freelancing

Instructions on Freelancing

Becoming a freelancer is something very useful especially when you have something to offer your customers, the other advatages of this is of course the time flexibility, with wich one is afforded. as a freelancer you can work at home and thereby also able to work at any time that will suit your customers.

You also save on a lot of costs that are related to running a business in a traditional sense. the savings you make on transportation are also huge meaning you can have a lot of cash laying around which you can use to expand your business. Freelancing therefore is not only a way to make money, but it is also the only answer to a lot of society ills.

There are a lot of disadvatages to freelancing versus a permanent job some of which has to do with job security you see working as a freelancer means that no one can ever fire you from your job and leave you penniless, with bills to pay, as a freelancer you are always in control and there will never be a situation that you cannot control yourself.

Author: Justice NDOU