Saturday, 31 May 2014

Freelancing Solutions Rebranded

Freelancing Solutions Rebranded

Approaching the launch date of our freelancing services

We have been working very hard moving from promoting other freelancing websites to actually launching our own freelancing services that will allow us to work with freelancers from all over the world in an effective and productive manner.
There are a lot of services that we are presently launching and once everything is complete then we will be able to completely dominate the freelancing industry with a solid services, that really gives most of its income to our freelancers and affiliate marketing agents.
Freelancing Solutions group of websites
enables us to offer our services to our freelancers, affiliate marketing agents, and customers in a way that allows each one of them to benefit more by working with us than they can if working in any other freelancing website, or any other service website that offers its, website development, SEO, Landing Page Development, Article Writing and also Website hosting.
Unique solution to online business
Allows us to truly say that we are going to renovate the online business industry and make it possible for the man on the street to influence events on a global scale.
Freelancing Solution is not just a run of the mill online business, we are not just trying to get in a business where others are already working we are changing the way people work online, we are changing the way they relate to their customers, and also increasing the value of a customer to more than just a wallet but a useful business contact with more than a say into how things should be run.
Freelancing Solutions offers their services in a certain unique way that allows us to make sure of our customers, freelancers, and affiliates success.

We have created multiple sections of our business with separate websites catering for each section.
The first one being.

Freelance Jobs Website.

This website allows freelancers to subscribe as both premium members and also offers free subscriptions.

Premium freelancers

This freelancers are the ones that really make the difference in freelancing solutions as they are involved in the other two separate business sections.
Freelancing Portfolio Websites
Premium freelancers get access to their own freelancing website once they subscribe this website is the central point of the freelancers career, it allows them to accept freelance jobs from the other sections of our business, it allows them to actively promote their services by making use of SEO, Online Promotions through Adverts and etc., Run promotions through our Affiliate Marketing Programs.

Offer Technical Assistance to website hosting clients.
Premium freelancers can also offer technical advice as part of our support services to our easy website hosting clients and those standing a chance to be awarded with a freelance job from our customers as we offer them an incentive to make use of freelancer’s services for any technical assistance they might be looking for.
Developing Affiliates Marketing Websites
Premium freelancers can also develop and promote Affiliate Marketing Websites owned by our Affiliate Marketing Agents, our affiliates can decide to promote their website through the use of SEO and when they are looking for assistance in this regard they are allowed to make use of the services of premium freelancers only.

Affiliate Marketing Program Website.

This is not an ordinary Affiliate Marketing Program where you just subscribe and get nothing but a bunch of banners with absolutely no support to allow you to generate an income from the program.
Freelancing Solutions has leveraged our unique situation to make available to Affiliate Marketing Agents opportunities that allows them to prosper by promoting our services, freelancer’s services, and partner services online.
We do this by providing Affiliate Marketing Agents with their own websites which are completely developed to be used by Affiliate Marketing Agents to promote our services better.
We allow our Affiliates to make use of our freelancer’s services to further promote their websites and those increasing the likelihood of getting just the right visitors in their websites daily.
We also make it possible for our affiliates to enter into contracts with certain individual freelancers and those able to access their services free in return for a promotional spot in their website for such a freelancer.
This encourages such freelancers to also offer the best promotional services to such websites if they also benefit by getting visitors to those affiliates websites.
Our Affiliates are also able to promote the services of our easy website hosting clients.

Easy Website hosting Solutions Website.

This website is where our customers accesses our website hosting services and also allows them to access some of our services for free for as long as is allowed by their contracts.
The extra services they can access by hosting a website with us are as follows.
Access to our Affiliate Marketing Program allowing them to partner with us and sell their products and services through our network for cheaper rates than if they were not hosted with us.
Access to our freelancers for free for periods as long as one year depending on the contract they signed with us, and such a membership allows our customers to request the services of our premium freelancers in a favorable condition where they do not have to pay the subscription fee to do so.
There are some contracts they can also get into with freelancers that are favorable to them but only available to our easy website hosting subscribers.