Thursday, 29 May 2014

How to get Freelance Jobs

How to get Freelance Jobs

There are times when you could even shy away from telling people that you are a freelancer and the reason might be because you are not getting any freelancing jobs to start with so saying that you are a freelancer starts to sound like a lie after a while.
Let me tell you the secret of how i create freelance jobs for others and myself everyday.

People who call themselves freelancers often go on life telling themselves that someone is going to give them a freelance job and they will start working then, and when i hear this mostly i cannot even believe that i am hearing a real person saying it. well it sounds more like those people that believe in santa claus. so enough with this lets go back to reality.

Start working.
when it comes down to it in order for you to get a freelance job you are going to have to create a need and satisfy it, what i mean is instead of looking for website developers look for people who are willing to get their website developed, hosted, and promoted and you can say to them i will develop your website and host it for one year free, and promote your website through SEO to top it off.

People loves bargains and free stuff, and in order for you to be able to convince your customers you are going to have to go all the way with your proposals. if you need an example of what i am talking about check my freelancing websites.

those three websites offers services to freelancers, affiliate marketing agents, and website hosting customers and also manage to create freelance jobs for our freelancers. 

so be real and start working.