Friday, 20 June 2014

Freelancing Jobs

Freelancing Jobs

Providing freelancing jobs to those who needs work for free is the ultimate goal of freelancing solutions which is why we will continue to improve our services in such a way that this becomes a reality for more people that are looking for an opportunity to work as freelancers online. We are presently offering free subscriptions to freelancers and employers, Free job postings for employers meaning that to work as a freelancer is not only free but to hire freelancers is also free.

We moderate freelance jobs postings.

In order for us to guarantee the quality of the jobs submitted within our website we moderate each and every job posted within freelancing solutions freelancing websites, to insure that the job is not only valid but also follows our guidelines. This allows us to make sure that our freelancers get access to jobs of higher quality than in most of the freelancing websites today.

We moderate freelancers work to insure quality of the work done.

In order for us to insure the standard of the work submitted to our employers we also reserve the right to moderate any work submitted to our employers by freelancers and also to rate such work or just reject any work submitted if the quality it too low.
This allows us to insure that our freelancers provide services or highest quality to their employers at all times.

Our freelancing services are free.

We provide our freelancing services absolutely free of charge to both employers and freelancers and we will continue to provide this services for free for as long as we exist. We believe that everyone has a right to work and jobs should not be sold which is why we are providing our freelancing services for free.

Freelancing Solutions is an organization dedicated into providing opportunities and we will continue to do this for a very long time, so feel free to start working with us today, either you are looking for freelancers or just want to work as a freelancer it is all the same, we will accept anyone for as long as you have a skill to offer our employers.

Monday, 9 June 2014

How to secure freelance jobs in freelancing solutions?

How to secure freelance jobs in freelancing solutions?

Well the best opportunity of working as a freelancer for free has always been with freelancing solutions as we allow freelancers to access just the resources they are paying in other major freelancing websites for absolutely free. And on top of that we also give to freelancer the best opportunity ever to secure the most reliable way ever to get freelance jobs.

How to start working as a freelancer with freelancing solutions?

The most reliable way to start working is to subscribe as a basic freelancer which is a free way to start freelancing, and the only thing you have to give into this opportunity is your time only. You basically have to subscribe and then continue on to our main freelancing website where you will be able to login every day and bid for freelancing jobs with absolutely no limits as to how many freelance jobs you can bid on. This gives you a very good opportunity to make money online.
However if you need more there’s another opportunity within our website that gives you total control and better opportunity to work as a freelancer with freelancing solutions.

Premium freelancing.

As a freelancer you can also work with us as a premium freelancer meaning you work in our main freelancing website and also on your own freelancing portfolio website which is empowered to give you access to more and better freelance jobs that are guaranteed.
Premium freelancers get some very good chances of getting freelance jobs with freelancing solutions.
The first of which is.

We allow premium freelancers to develop Affiliate marketing Agents websites.

This would give our freelancers an extra way of generating an income and it’s guaranteed that you would get a freelance job once in a while this as a premium freelancer.
We allow our freelancers to promote their freelance portfolio websites through our affiliate marketing agents.
Meaning their freelance portfolio websites becomes a place where our premium freelancers are able to access freelance jobs and then complete, submit the freelance job, and also be able to submit invoices to their employers.
This is made possible by the fact that as our affiliates promote a certain freelancer say fro website development, then he/she will get more website development jobs through their own freelance portfolio website. Thereby allowing them to work in their own website where they also have an option of getting assistance from other freelancers by forming freelancing teams.

We allow our freelancers to assist our website hosting customers and thereby be able to secure more freelance jobs.

We created a system where our website hosting customers get access to our website hosting forums, where they are able to ask any freelancer a question concerning their websites and hosting solution, and freelancers would be required to answer our customers.
In order for us to stimulate the use of our freelancers services for anything that our customers cannot do by themselves we give our customers discounts when they make use of our freelancers to help them with anything on their website, this allows us to both give access to first grade and personal assistance to our customers and also offer our freelancers a chance to build working relationships that are lasting and rewarding.
Our affiliate partner programme specifically allows freelancers to develop a solution to common problems and then sell those services through our affiliate marketing programme, the benefit to freelancers in this instance is that they get better rates than just an ordinary customer who is willing to sell their products and services through our affiliate marketing programme.

Working as a freelancer for freelancing solution has never been any better and we will continue to improve our services to make sure that each of our freelancers get access to the best services ever.

Thursday, 5 June 2014

How to improve your chances of getting freelance jobs?

How to improve your chances of getting freelance jobs?

When you are freelancing there’s probably a very high chance that you would think the freelancing is a very good get rich quick scheme, but in reality you couldn’t have been more wrong. Freelancing is one of the fastest growing online job industry today and as such there are bound to be those who get into the business with wrong impressions and also those who would try to take advantage of the situation to make a quick buck. But any of those people I am describing above wouldn’t not only not succeed but they won’t even be able to get into the real freelancing industry.

The truth about freelancing.

Freelancers are mostly not different from entrepreneurs most of the time they are not trying to follow some set rules when implementing solutions to problems but they are redefining the rules of the game. Meaning working as freelancer is not only challenging when you are starting out but most of the time you wouldn’t even be in the real game that freelancers play every day.

Learn everything about freelancing and then forget it.

This is the reason why most people would fail to even see the true potential of freelancing because they get into the game with expectations, most of us would be expecting to make a lot of bucks very quick, well unless you give yourself time to learn everything about freelancing and then forget it all you are not going anywhere. You see a lot of freelancers think that the real freelancer login into a website every day to find freelance jobs and they couldn’t be more wrong. The experts login into a freelancing website to create freelance jobs.

They create a market and then manage supply and demand to make money.

Freelancers do not spend their time waiting for someone to come and tell them that they are employed. They wake every day and figure out how to create a new freelance job and then give it to someone else and keep the commission, the people they give this jobs to, are not freelancers but mostly article writers, programmers, website developers and many more experts in the industry today. They just tell them that they are freelancers.

Learn how the experts make money in freelancing.

I have managed to dedicate my life and actually created a company to just make-sure that people get into freelancing and really make it. You see if you are still expecting someone else to hand you over freelance jobs then take them, but spend your time learning how the experts create freelance jobs and then work on them or even give them to somebody else.
There’s a lot about freelancing that I am willing to teach you but when I am done teaching you, forget what I said and create your own reality you see if I tell you what I am doing right now. Then chances are the next time you do it, you won’t make that much money out of it.

The true potential of freelancing comes from original creativity and the willingness to create.

Consumers are not freelancers but customers, if someone gives you a freelance job then chances are you are at the bottom of the food chain, but that is exactly the best position to start learning, then before long you would figure out how to create your own jobs and then rise up the food chain. 

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Eventually you are going to work as freelancer why not start today?

Eventually you are going to work as freelancer why not start today?

Freelancing has come a long way, with freelancing websites today having in access of a million freelancers with round about 10,000 to 30,000 freelancers and employers all working at the same time. It kind of like gives you a wakeup call does it what is really going on in the world that so many people works online, what happened to more traditional jobs. The reason might have something to do with the Global economic trend that is seeing most people retrenched from all over the world today, and of course freelancing is employers haven, no more long waiting periods for interviews and spending money head hunting that perfect employee, all the professionals you could possibly think of can all be found in one place and their services are cheaper than hiring permanent employees.

So what are you waiting for?

People often make a mistake of not adopting to changes sooner and by the time they start thinking we should have done that well the train has passed them long ago. And here today I am going to say this to you, eventually you are going to have to start working as a freelancer why not start today.
Well if you are waiting for something else to happen or not going to happen I am just going to tell you today what will eventually happen to you.
Every company in the world is realising the benefits of hiring freelancers, and shareholders need their returns, freelancers are coming up with better ways of doing things everyday so eventually companies are going to hire maybe ten people to maintain their head offices and the rest well they will have to work as freelancers.
Any company that doesn’t do this would eventually go out of business so no matter how good you think you are, you are going to have to work as a freelancer. So starting today might be the best thing you could do for yourself because when the time comes that there’s no any other way to work then you would have been working as a freelancer for a long-time and not having a job would not even be a problem for you.
So you can tell yourself everything else about freelancing but you can’t change the direction the world economy has taken, and as they say no profit no business.

Start working as a freelancer!

Monday, 2 June 2014

Freelance Jobs by Freelancing Solutions

FreelanceJobs by Freelancing Solutions.

Freelancing has been creating opportunities for everyone interested in working online as a freelancer or an affiliate marketing agent, and finally we can say that we are really approaching a point where each and every one of our freelancers and affiliate marketing agents will be able to generate an income every month out of only the those opportunities which are we are creating for them.
The present freelancing solutions website has been updated to reflect our current position in offering freelancing and affiliate services to our customers.

We made it easy for our visitors to quickly find the services they are looking for.
Freelancing Solutions offers the following services:

Freelance Jobs.

This is where you can hire freelancers to work on your projects for very low prices, and also those who are willing to start working as freelancers can also subscribe in our website. There is no limits to the amount of jobs you can work on, and also employers can post as many job posts as they need.

Affiliate marketing Program.

Here we allow you to come and hire our affiliates and sell or promote your services through our affiliate marketing agents, there’s no need to spend a lot of time and money creating online adverts the only thing you have to do is hire our affiliate marketing agents and they will take care of the rest.
If you are looking for an opportunity to start working as an affiliate marketing agent then I advise that you start today and subscribe on our program.
Anyone who is willing to work for us and or employ our affiliates and or affiliates marketing agents is welcome to start as soon as possible membership is open to anyone interested so do yourself a favour and start working today, or just kick start your business by making use of our affiliates to sell your services and products through our network of affiliate marketing agents.

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Freelancing Solutions has received a face-lift.

Freelancing Solutions has received a face-lift.

We have recently updated freelancing solutions website into a very usable streamlined interface, we did not only update the interface but we also added some services which allows us to fully cater for the freelancing industry, as we are still a growing organization we are still in the implementation phase of most of our products and services but however this does not mean that those who needs to become freelancers cannot register as freelancers as of now.
We are presently accepting free registrations in our main freelancing website, so if you are interested in freelancing then you must consider registering now, and start working as soon as everything is fully working.
Freelancing Solutions is in the process of introducing the following services.

Affiliate Marketing Programs.

Our Affiliate Marketing Program is hosted in its own website where our Affiliate marketing agents can login and manage their own accounts and also find useful information about their services.
Once registered our affiliates get access to their very own websites hosted on a domain name of their choice and then they will be able to continually market the services of freelancing solutions and our partners from this websites, affiliates also benefit because when they need extra technical services such Creating Online Marketing Campaigns then they can employ our freelancers to assist them in creating successful campaigns that would see them making a success of their own career.

Easy Website Hosting Solutions.

Easy website hosting solutions is created for our customers, freelancers, affiliates, and partners in order to make use of this hosting services to their own benefit.
Affiliates are able to host their affiliate’s websites here, and also promote this hosting solutions to our customers and get a share of the subscription amount every time the client pays the subscription fee.
Freelancers are also able to host their freelancing portfolios here and promote themselves online through their own freelancing portfolios.
Freelancers will also benefit by being able to directly offer their services to our website hosting clients.
This website allows freelancers to register and start working as soon as any freelance job is available, any freelancer who registers and also buys a membership subscription will then be able to work as a premium freelancer meaning they are able to get more freelance jobs by utilizing opportunities available in freelancing solutions other programs.