Sunday, 1 June 2014

Freelancing Solutions has received a face-lift.

Freelancing Solutions has received a face-lift.

We have recently updated freelancing solutions website into a very usable streamlined interface, we did not only update the interface but we also added some services which allows us to fully cater for the freelancing industry, as we are still a growing organization we are still in the implementation phase of most of our products and services but however this does not mean that those who needs to become freelancers cannot register as freelancers as of now.
We are presently accepting free registrations in our main freelancing website, so if you are interested in freelancing then you must consider registering now, and start working as soon as everything is fully working.
Freelancing Solutions is in the process of introducing the following services.

Affiliate Marketing Programs.

Our Affiliate Marketing Program is hosted in its own website where our Affiliate marketing agents can login and manage their own accounts and also find useful information about their services.
Once registered our affiliates get access to their very own websites hosted on a domain name of their choice and then they will be able to continually market the services of freelancing solutions and our partners from this websites, affiliates also benefit because when they need extra technical services such Creating Online Marketing Campaigns then they can employ our freelancers to assist them in creating successful campaigns that would see them making a success of their own career.

Easy Website Hosting Solutions.

Easy website hosting solutions is created for our customers, freelancers, affiliates, and partners in order to make use of this hosting services to their own benefit.
Affiliates are able to host their affiliate’s websites here, and also promote this hosting solutions to our customers and get a share of the subscription amount every time the client pays the subscription fee.
Freelancers are also able to host their freelancing portfolios here and promote themselves online through their own freelancing portfolios.
Freelancers will also benefit by being able to directly offer their services to our website hosting clients.
This website allows freelancers to register and start working as soon as any freelance job is available, any freelancer who registers and also buys a membership subscription will then be able to work as a premium freelancer meaning they are able to get more freelance jobs by utilizing opportunities available in freelancing solutions other programs.