Thursday, 5 June 2014

How to improve your chances of getting freelance jobs?

How to improve your chances of getting freelance jobs?

When you are freelancing there’s probably a very high chance that you would think the freelancing is a very good get rich quick scheme, but in reality you couldn’t have been more wrong. Freelancing is one of the fastest growing online job industry today and as such there are bound to be those who get into the business with wrong impressions and also those who would try to take advantage of the situation to make a quick buck. But any of those people I am describing above wouldn’t not only not succeed but they won’t even be able to get into the real freelancing industry.

The truth about freelancing.

Freelancers are mostly not different from entrepreneurs most of the time they are not trying to follow some set rules when implementing solutions to problems but they are redefining the rules of the game. Meaning working as freelancer is not only challenging when you are starting out but most of the time you wouldn’t even be in the real game that freelancers play every day.

Learn everything about freelancing and then forget it.

This is the reason why most people would fail to even see the true potential of freelancing because they get into the game with expectations, most of us would be expecting to make a lot of bucks very quick, well unless you give yourself time to learn everything about freelancing and then forget it all you are not going anywhere. You see a lot of freelancers think that the real freelancer login into a website every day to find freelance jobs and they couldn’t be more wrong. The experts login into a freelancing website to create freelance jobs.

They create a market and then manage supply and demand to make money.

Freelancers do not spend their time waiting for someone to come and tell them that they are employed. They wake every day and figure out how to create a new freelance job and then give it to someone else and keep the commission, the people they give this jobs to, are not freelancers but mostly article writers, programmers, website developers and many more experts in the industry today. They just tell them that they are freelancers.

Learn how the experts make money in freelancing.

I have managed to dedicate my life and actually created a company to just make-sure that people get into freelancing and really make it. You see if you are still expecting someone else to hand you over freelance jobs then take them, but spend your time learning how the experts create freelance jobs and then work on them or even give them to somebody else.
There’s a lot about freelancing that I am willing to teach you but when I am done teaching you, forget what I said and create your own reality you see if I tell you what I am doing right now. Then chances are the next time you do it, you won’t make that much money out of it.

The true potential of freelancing comes from original creativity and the willingness to create.

Consumers are not freelancers but customers, if someone gives you a freelance job then chances are you are at the bottom of the food chain, but that is exactly the best position to start learning, then before long you would figure out how to create your own jobs and then rise up the food chain.