Thursday, 24 July 2014

Blue IT Marketing

Blue IT Marketing

Blue IT marketing is a company created to assist individuals, companies and organizations in Information technology especially in relation to making use of Information technology to assist in your day to day business or also creating new businesses based entirely on IT.
In order for Blue IT Marketing to realise this we have created certain vehicles one of which is freelancing solutions. Which is an organization that helps Blue IT Marketing realise its goals.
We have several services as blue it marketing that we can offer anyone with an online business, and they are as follows:

Website Design & Development.

We do not just offer a website development service but our services have benefits in that we also with the same service several packages for free that are there to help you promote your website through several channels available online today.
We also offer free hosting with some of the website development packages available within blue it marketing.

Online Marketing.

Our online marketing campaigns are conducted for those with products and services they wish to promote online, together with freelancing solutions blue it marketing is able to offer you some of the  most complete and reliable online marketing campaigns for a very affordable price.
We conduct our online marketing campaigns tailored to the needs of a specific business and included in some of those campaigns is:

Promotions through our Affiliate Marketing Program from freelancing solutions.

Allowing you to have access to thousands of affiliates ready to promote your products and services through their affiliate marketing website, they are able to do this more effectively as we control exactly how they go about conduct their promotional campaigns on behalf of our clients.

Promoting your website through Search Engine Optimization.

By properly optimizing your business website for keywords that can make the difference between you successfully getting a customer from the search engines and not, Search Engine Optimization remains one of our strongest methods of Online Marketing, especially coupled with other methods that rely on publishing promotional articles created to promote your products and services.

Promoting your products and services through Promotional Articles.

We can also write articles designed to promote your services and products for a while with an aim of promoting brand awareness, this eventually leads to more people being aware of your existence and although some of them might not respond positively the instant they saw the articles but creating awareness also makes it possible that in times of need those who are aware of your product will seek you out or even refer their friends.

Promoting your website, Products and or Services through social networks.

We can also run promotional campaigns to increase brand awareness through Social Networks, and this helps also in improving leads from social networks, and the overall traffic to your website which has its benefits not counting the obvious.
We conduct most of the campaigns mentioned above simultaneously to improve the effectiveness of each campaign and we also make use of various analytics tools that can help us create reports showing you exactly what the benefit of each our methods are to your bottom line.
So if you are looking for a company that can help you realise your dream quickly then visit blue it marketing website and see what we can do for you.

Search Engine Optimization.

We can also offer our Search Engine Optimization service as a separate service and thus allowing you to benefit from our ability to properly optimize your website for maximum exposure from Search Engines.
We find that a lot of websites suffers not because they do not have a great service or product but from BAD Search Engine Optimization, I say bad SEO because most website masters would manage to create a website properly but with all the wrong keywords on the website eventually leading to your website not rating at all for what matters and moderately rating for all the not so good keywords to have in your website.
So what we do at Blue IT Marketing is that we first of all conduct research related to your market and find out what really is taking place online regarding your market and then make decisions as to how best to approach your situation, this gives as an idea after keyword research of which ones to choose to best capture the traffic you need to survive in your business.
We also produce weekly reports showing you the status of your ON-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO and your SERPS. Meaning we make sure that you are aware of everything that is changing on and off your website to get you the results you need.