Saturday, 26 July 2014

Freelancing Jobs South Africa.

Freelancing Jobs South Africa.

South Africans have an opportunity to once again shine and make a positive contribution to the whole world, and they can do this by showing the rest of the world what they are capable of, I am writing this as a South African Citizen and I am. Freelancing Jobs is one area that as South Africans we can participate in and contribute towards the world at large and also make sure that we solve problems of our own.
Freelancing Jobs or Freelancing is comparatively new to South Africans and as such a lot of South Africans hasn’t yet adopted this wonderful opportunity even though Freelancing Jobs might be just that answer all South Africans are looking for, and I will state the reasons as to why as South Africans we need to adopt freelancing or freelancing jobs as a formal industry.

South Africa has a relatively high UN-employment rate compared to other developing countries.

And freelancing is one industry that can solve this problem in two folds, first.

1.       By working as freelancers South Africans can not only generate a much needed income for their households, but they will also help bring in much needed foreign currency to our domestic economy.
2.       Also Adopting freelancing jobs will enable most South Africans to start companies using only skeleton staff that is only the staff needed to run an office and be able to hire freelancers for other tasks, such as design, research and any task that is expensive for a start-up to hire permanent staff for.
This will allow most South African Start companies to be able to enter into industries they would otherwise find prohibitive due to lack of skills.
b.      This also helps promote entrepreneurship and is one of the things we need in order for our economy to survive the trying economic conditions we find ourselves in.
c.       There’s a lot that South Africans can benefit by adopting freelancing and I am leaving this opportunity to you to tell us everything else so shoot. Use the comment section below.
This article was written by Justice Ndou you can find me in Facebook, Google+, Linkedin,Twitter, WhosWho South Africa, and also on Forbes.